Hi, I'm Matthew Du.

But you can call me Matt. 

I’m the voice for the aphonic, translator for the dreamers, and wordsmith for the brave.

I’m a freelance writer by day and a copywriter by night. 

I’m Hubspot-certified and Google-Search-proven. (The second thing doesn’t come with a certificate)

And I’m willing to bet that your business needs something from me – if not, then why would you be here?

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I’ve been writing awesome content and kick-ass copy for half a decade now.

I’ve worked for: 

Y-Combinator startups, 

Multinational companies,

BlackRock executives

and International publications. 

Pages have gained over 50,000 followers within 4 months with my copy and I’ve personally written over a hundred articles that rank #1 on Google Search for tech, finance, and marketing. 

From content to copy, make sure that your business is the first one customers see on the internet. Here's an overlook of my stats:

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I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for every project I’ve won.

That’s just the nature of freelance work.

I’m the scrappy bulldog that will find any and every way to get you and your brand noticed.

Don’t believe me?

You’ll see exactly how a dog hunts.


Insights & Articles

Building your business is more than just the products you offer, you have to let people know you exist.

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