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It's Hunting Season

A lot of dogs can bark. Very few can hunt. 

I make it my life’s mission to show you that I’m one of the latter. 

It’s tough coming up with a portfolio in my line of work. Too many intangibles are in play.

But – I’m the first step in every consumer funnel. 

I guess you could say that makes me important. 

Here's some of my favorite work (Yep, everything you see in the links are mine):

The Smile Bar (Content Strategy + Creation) (Content Strategy + Creation)

Aggressive Growth Trading Summit (Content Strategy + Creation)

Noticed that a lot of my work isn’t directly attributed to me?

Don’t worry, I still get results.

Oh, and make sure to scroll through the sites above.

There’s a whole lot more content written by moi.


I’ve always been hyper-obsessed over statistics and results.

( I am graduating with a minor in Data Science. I hope)

Whether it’s lead generation, user retention, or straight-up customer conversion, I’ve proven time and time again that what I do works

Need proof? I’ll show you.